Live and Pre-Match: Pros and Cons

Live and Pre-Match: Pros and Cons

Both live and pre-match betting requires skill and knowledge of a gambler. However, the gaming community believes that the chance to win increases when choosing live sports betting. We considered the reasons that push players to such an opinion.

The main difference between live-betting and pre-match sports betting is the moment of bidding. Live betting is a type of bets when a player gamble on a sporting event that has already begun. Pre-match betting is sports betting, which the bookmaker accepts only before the beginning of the game.

Objective superiority of live betting over pre-match betting or vice versa does not exist. However, there is an advantage of one type of sports betting over another when taking into account the experience, skills, thinking features and knowledge of the player.

Live-betting is more likely to be focused on experienced players with a fairly high level of knowledge in sports and quick response. It is preferable for over-emotional people, and it is often called the best option for sports betting due to a number of indicators:

  • It is easier to beat a bookmaker in live betting than in a pre-match one. Special analytical departments are involved in setting the coefficients in the prematch stakes; many factors are taken into account in determining the coefficient. The staff of analytical departments are highly qualified and it is very difficult to beat them, while in live betting the mechanism works differently: only one specialist is opposed to the player, and that specialist does not analyses the market in the same thorough manner.

  • Assessment of the game in real time. There is more information in live bets. During the game viewing the gambler corrects the pre-match ideas based on the changing game conditions and coefficients. Although, understanding how to evaluate the sporting events comes only with experience. As well as the ability to keep cool and not to make rash game actions, regardless of the course of the match.

  • Error in pre-match analysis. The study of team statistics, indicators of individual players and the history of personal meetings, as well as predicting the game plan may be meaningless due to the new tactics of the coaching staff.

Pre-match betting has less advantages. They are suitable for beginners and do not imply a change in the rate during the sports competition. First of all, they are preferred due to the opportunity to think carefully about the made bet, but they have other advantages:

  • Time to make a game decision. When choosing a pre-match bet, the player receives a large amount of additional time for conducting analysis, studying game strategies, player histories and other data on the basis of which the decision on the bet is made. This is especially important for inexperienced gamblers who do not have sufficient knowledge in sports.

  • The size of the bet. The size of the prematch rates is much lower than the one of live bets. In addition, there are usually more markets available for betting in the pre-match line, and the margin is lower.

Whether the player has enough psychological stamina and theoretical awareness of the sports world is the main question when choosing between live and pre-match betting. Statistics show that the majority of gamblers choose the “live” format, however, the amount of money lost at the rates also prevails in the live market.

Experience and an exhaustive understanding of the specifics of the chosen sport are prerequisites for a profitable game, both in live and in pre-match betting, but the choice of the betting method is a purely individual decision. In addition, there is a medium way, which boils down to hybrid bets, which are taken before the start of the event and adjusted in live mode depending on the game actions taking place.

Analysis of the advantages, major differences and requirements in the context of live and pre-match betting made. The choice of one of the two arbitration situations is yours, do it with a cool head and honestly assessing your gaming capabilities