Offline casino: truth and myths

Offline casino: truth and myths

Hall interior and organization of staff working are not accidental. All gambling houses operate on the basis of identical laws aimed at making a profit from visitors. However, some of widespread opinions about actions taken by casino owners against the player are erroneous.

Here are techniques influencing the gaming process:

  • There is no light and time. You never find windows or clocks in the gambling hall. Casino owners desire a player to lose track of the time and find it impossible to distinguish between day and night. If a player would ask the casino staff about the exact time he would get the answer of “I do not know”. Only the watch of the nearest player or their own clock mechanism will help.

  • Players get more prizes at new casinos. The newly opened gambling houses create their own reputation and are even ready to suffer losses at the begging of working allowing visitors to win more and more often. This way mobs of gamblers are attracted. But the period of universal luck does not last long, usually it takes from several days to one week.

  • Each slot gets its own return rate. The difference is almost imperceptible, but all slots can be divided into “generous” and “mean”.

  • The farther into the hall, the greater the possible gain. Many visitors choose slot machines located closer to the entrance, they are set up for lower rewards. Players who reach the back of the hall often get access to the so-called generous slots.

The casino owner does not set the casino to the minimum percentage of return. Permanent minimal rewards will not be able to create ripple effect and attract new visitors. As a result, if you buy cheaply, you pay dearly, and the owner loses part of the profits.

In theory, these tricks could be an obstacle to development of the gaming industry, and they really hold back its growth. Gambling online services partially deprive the gambling halls owners of the possibility of cheating, do not allow the use of psychological tools of influence, but leave open the problem of false results and knowingly generated numbers.

Blockchain implementation excludes such wiles. Transparency and impossibility of data substitution make blockchain casinos safe for players, turning the gameplay into a real test of luck without any external influence.

Random number generation, the process of determining the game result, fixing the conditions of a bet or a game event - these and other data can now be written to a distributed ledger without the possibility of making changes. The player watches the gameplay progress and can verify the integrity of the bet personally. Any attempt to make fake results in the work of a slot or other gaming machine is displayed in the blockchain and becomes available to the user.