The Gambling Industry Top Trends 2019

The Gambling Industry Top Trends 2019

In February 2019, London hosted one of the largest annual B2B gambling events - ICE London. The center of attention was the most anticipated trends and innovations of 2019 - the event  indicated the course of development of offline casinos, world technology trends and named the main challenges of the industry.

Technologies are becoming more significant in the gambling industry, and offline casinos are facing serious challenges. Such a conclusion is made by the chairman of the European Casino Association (ECA) Per Jaldung.

ICE London is an annual center of gravity for the gambling industry, which gives a chance to find new products and technologies that are truly innovative and can really change the market.

According to Per Jaldung, the role of non-player offers of a wide range in offline casinos will grow in the new year. It is about offering the services of the entertainment industry, in which the ECA chair sees great potential for the market. It is allowed to use, among other things, new technologies, about which much has been said over the past years - in particular, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and cashless payments solutions.

When asked about the most promising jurisdiction for gambling, where the maximum opportunities for industry growth in 2019 will be presented, Jaldung answered confidently - this is Europe. It is the European jurisdiction that offers the greatest growth opportunities for online casinos. In turn, offline casinos should focus on the development of entertainment services and expansion to the online market as European countries revise their online licensing terms.

The biggest challenges that the industry sector will face in the next 12 months are possible restrictions on advertising that have already been prepared in some countries. If licensed casinos can not conduct advertising campaigns, they lose their competitive advantage over illegal offers. The audience should be informed about legal casinos that are controlled and meet certain requirements, and advertising is one of the most important tools in the struggle against illegal gambling establishments.

“Advertising, with the appropriate quality of the campaign, is the most important tool for licensed casinos, without which illegal establishments will only win, since they will continue to provide their service and advertise it if the gambling controller will not take active steps. This will only aggravate the problem of illegal gambling providers.” - said Per Jaldung in an interview with Yogonet.