Where bonuses go?

Where bonuses go?

A gambler may lose the casino bonus and mistakenly believe that the gambling house undeservedly deceived him. In fact, the player could not carefully read the rules and inadvertently break them.

Any casino indicates the impossibility of postponing the game rounds in the rules of service. Usually, if the player fails to fulfill the conditions, the winnings are canceled or bonus funds are written off.

Postponing a round is interrupting a game and resuming it later. The casino strictly monitors such actions, because when you try to recoup, you can activate the bonus and suspend the gaming session in order to transfer money from the bonus to the real account, which is not to the bonus one.

Technically, this can be realized if, after the game is interrupted, the launch of the bonus round does not occur automatically and the player must first click on a button. If you need to give a command or make a choice to continue the round, the player gets the opportunity to close the game and resume it after any period of time, that is, to resume the session after fulfilling the obligations to play bonuses. In these cases, he will be credited with real funds, not bonus money, with which the operators are struggling.

However, it is not that simple. You can hear from the players that when you reopen the bonus round after a long time, the balance returns to the original, and the results of the bonus round are canceled.

Players who prefer to play on several slots and switch browser tabs from one game to another can also be punished for deferred game rounds. If such a behavior is typical for a gambler, it is advisable to contact the support service in advance to avoid annoying situations.

Online casinos may unfairly refuse to pay, delay remuneration and cancel bonuses, but in some cases careful familiarization with the rules of the service will prevent an unexpected account reset.